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Kari-Ann Kaspersen and Anders Aarnes are today's host at Vollsnes Feriehus

Kari-Ann Kaspersen and Anders Aarnes are today’s hosts at Vollsnes Feriehus and wish you all a warmly welcome to Vollsnes.

Kari-Ann Kaspersen founded the company in 2001. She holds degrees from the Norwegian School of Management, Oslo.

She has many years experience in the travel industry both in Norwegian and foreign companies and has a large network of contacts and partners in large parts of Europe.

Vollsnes.no has formalized agreements with partners in Norway and Europe and engages local actors to major events and travel.

With its spectacular nature and experiences, Nordfjord is the most compact and complete ‘Norwegian experience’ – right at the heart of the Norwegian tourism product. This clearly defined and highly accessible area, located between the major glaciers and the mighty ocean, is tightly packed with impressive outdoor and nature-oriented activities, delicious local food and rich cultural experiences.

In Nordfjord, you can find it all – thus the slogan ‘all-in-one fjord’.